Work package

WP4 – Integrated WBG-based Power Electronics

In WP2 and WP3, preliminary studies for WBG-based solutions are carried out which form the baseline for an efficient implementation. Based on this, WP4 is responsible for the design, development and prototyping of the four Use Cases that address the HiPE objectives.

The WP consists of five Tasks:

  • Task 4.1: 400V SiC-Inverter/EM Integration into eAxle with Transmission
  • Task 4.2: Advanced Chassis Actuators with 400V GaN Power Electronics
  • Task 4.3: 800V WBG-Bi-OBC/DC/DC
  • Task 4.4: 800V SiC-Inverter/EM & DC/DC
  • Task 4.5: Gate driver and power module integration